Shipibo Kuripe

This is an handmade Kuripe by a talented artisan from the Shipibo Tribe. Made of Llama and a beautiful pointed crystal & glass beaded design.
It is designed with Shipibo Beaded icaros, a healing language infussed into each unique pattern

Made from lama bone & crystals with a beautiful glass beaded design
Bones were used in the ceremonies of merging with their power animal. Today they are a beautiful symbol of respect and gratitude for life, towards the Animal Kingdom.
Working with such a kuripe allows the soul of a given animal to continue its journey.

Llamas are often revered for their gentle nature and impressive strength.
In many cultures, the llama symbolises peace, tranquility, and serenity.
The llama is also often associated with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

For the Inca, the llama was a sacred animal that represented fertility and abundance.


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