Papagaios tepi Huni Kuin

Magical tepi from the Huni Kuin

With this powerful and sacred work of art you can serve the best rapé ever, this handmade channel tepy is for us the holy grail in the mission we want to share with you.
Our beloved friend Paolo is a master in crafting and designing. He is a great leader of the Santo Daime community and a very good friend of our Huni Kuin family.

He carefully selects the right stone or crystal for the tepi that he places on the handmade clay with the patterns (Kene) of the Huni kuin. Sometimes he makes the tepi from the best bamboo, but most of the time he makes them from the bone of the animals of the forest. Feel and experience the power and magic from the jungle of Brazil and the energy of the Santo Daime.

We are so blessed to work with Paolo on these beautiful tools of power that will bring healing and transformation into the world.


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