Cumaru-Huni Kuin

Cumaru is a very famous rapéh. The indigenous tribes regard the big Cumaru tree and its spirit as one of the main teachers of the rainforest.
The tree is large and can reach 30 meters in height when natural (native) and if cultivated it is slightly smaller.
It is very typical of the Amazon region, but it can be found from the state of Acre to Maranhão.
The Huni Kuin call this Rapéh the Black Rapéh. According to their tradition, it protects against low energies and spirits. Cumaru has several medicinal properties, which give benefits in combating various diseases. You get the feeling that you are getting a warm hug from a big strong teddy bear after taking this rapéh.

Powerfull and warm Rapéh

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3 reviews for Cumaru-Huni Kuin

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    ff testen

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    Remco van Oostenbrugge (verified owner)

    Mooie shop, hele mooie flesjes en super goede rapé!

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    Hele zachte Rapé, word ik lekker rustig van.

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