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Baxawá – Katukina


This is a beautiful mild Rapéh from the Katukina tribe.
The Katukina tribe is famous for their wonderful medicines.

The many reviews about this Rapéh are: light, mild, grounded, soft, friendly and perfect for headaches.
A nice Rapéh for our female Rapéh users.

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7 Herbs-Huni Kuin


Our 7 herbs Rapéh is created by Shaman Kupi. He is a part of the Huni Kuin tribe in the village of Pinuya.
The medicines contained in this Rapéh are mainly against the cold, fever, and flu.
This Rapéh is perfect to induce lucid dreams or for better and deeper sleep.

This 7 herbs Rapéh contains: Bunatura, Katsaral, Kuin Xia, Yuna dia, Batuma piti, Kushun dume, Yuna bata.

In stock

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