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100 ml Aqua di florida fullmoon, 1 of the most populair rapéh, a palo santo stick, white sage and an albone shelp.


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Katukina Baxawa Rapé Bottles

Aqua di Florida – Full moon water (100 ml)

This full moon Aqua di Florida water is made by our sister Rabia during the full moon. Charged with the golden triangle of gemstones, rose quartz, rock crystal and amethyst. This special spray has a lots of prayers, Love and special herbs like cinnamon to attract more bliss and lemon to purify your space. The rest of the ingredients remain secret, so that this magical Florida water may spread her magic into your life.

Perfect for cleaning space energies, during a ceremony or uplifting mood and deeper connection with the light in and outside you.

Enjoy our spray that keeps that bad energy’s away!


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Palo Santo, White sage and an Albone shell

Everything you need to wash away negative energy & replace it with positive energy that radiates throughout your entire space.

The albone shell takes thousands of years to get a beautiful pearly shine and is used to burn White Sage and Palo Santo. Any dark spots in the abalone have naturally arisen in the sea and give the shell a robust character. Place some White Sage and / or Palo Santo in the abalone shell. Light the Palo Santo and let it burn for a while. Then blow to make the wood glow (like on a coal). The wood glows briefly, but that is enough for the nice scent and cleaning effect. The White Sage can be lit in the same way. Allow the resulting smoke to clean the room. This is called “smudging”.

A great gift for anyone! Traditionally used for smudging & cleansing negative energy.

We all could use some of that!


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