What is Rapé?  (Ha`peh)

Rapé is used to ground and center us. In our modern world we can use it after a day of hard work, to reduce stress, sending our prayers or use before meditation. Indigenous people prepare them physically, mentally and spiritually for receiving sacred medicines, which are an essential part of their culture.
Rapé is a shamanic powder made from fermented tabacco, combined with ashes from trees, plants, seeds and oils.
We have choosen to use less tabacco in our Rapéh.

Rapé is administered to the nose, by using a traditional blowpipe named Kuripe or Tepi.


Kuripe stone Eagle


A Kuripe is used to administer to your self.

Tepi indigenous rape


A Tepi is used to administer someone else.

Prepare for Rapé


Before you start working with our sacred Rapé, you set an intention. It could be to clear the mind once, to answer a question, or to deepen the meditative state once or connect with other plant medicines during a ceremony. You need to be in an environment that is a relatively quiet and sacred space. It does not have to be an actual sacred place, but the energy around the place of the person working with Rapé should have the feeling of ritual and safety. Rapé can bring a person to a place of attention and awareness. The mind becomes calmer, negativity can clarify and emotional tensions are released. It can create a moment of pure awareness of the body and mind. People may feel more grounded during the experience, clearing up any confusion or discomfort they might experience throughout their lives.
The results can give you insights, new ideas and answers.

Our advice is to start with a pea-sized amount of our Rapè for both nostrils.  For beginners starting with a mild Rapé like Murici (still strong) or 7 Herbs, and after a period increasing the dosage. For the more professionals or use in ceremonys to go deeper and or healing, we suggest trying stronger Rapé blends and quantities like our Samauma – Especial or our strong Tsnunami Rapé.


So ALegria




How to use Rapé


Breathe deeply through your nose, deep into your stomach and breathe powerfully but calmly out through your mouth. Repeat this 3 times, relax your shoulders and sink more and more into your body from relaxation.

Put some Rapé in the palm of your, with all your attention and slide the Rapé into your kuripe or tepi with the longest side of your kuripe, always towards your heart. Breathe deeply in and always place the kuripe or tepi in your left nostril, exhale forcefully from your stomach and try to pay full attention to the medicine and ritual, if you are okay, then repeat the step above and do this with your right nostril . Continue to breathe well, preferably not through your nose and when the effect wears off, blow your nose and slowly come back into the moment. We always recommend connecting with bare feet, Rapé is a grounding medicine and this way you can allow the energy to flow from you to the earth.

Always be mindful when taking this sacred medicine and experience the magic of our indigenous Rapé. Take a moment for yourself, connect with respect and enjoy finding out which Rapé connects the best with you.


Haux Haux!






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