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Welcome on our Indigenous by Nature website.
We are very blessed and thankfull that we can work with the Huni Kuin, Katukina and Nukini tribe. We support these tribes and want to share their wisdom and sage-old knowledge with you and that their culture not get lost.

With the products we sell, we can help the tribes, so that they can build a saver and better place in their sacred Amazon.

Our Indigenous family and we are always searching for the best Rapéh, Criollo Cacao and Kambo straight from the tribes. Therefore, we can give you the finest and special blends. With the work we do we can help many people, from the Indigenous tribes to you.

We often organise rapéh circles, kambo and other ceremonys. We would love to meet you and introduce you with the indigenous way of living and we would love to help you finding your path of spiritual growth and healing, so that you can life your dreamlive with the traditions and medicines from the tribes.

If you want to know more? Please contact us by email, facebook or Instagram.

We hope to leave this world a little better than that we have found her.

Thanks for helping us with our mission, our Indigenous family and off course Yourself!

So Alegria,
Haux Haux!!


We work with the frog medicine kambo, from the Katukina tribe.
Katukina are real masters with kambo and they are very respectfull with this medicine.

Kambo is the most powerful and purest form of detox. In the Amazon they call kambo the jungle vaccine. Many people underestimate what this medicine can do.

Kambo is a strong fire medicine and comes from the Sacred tree frog Phyllomedusa Bicolor. This frog lives high in the trees of the Amazon and has no enemies due to its enormous poison content.

The Katukina tribe treat this sacred creature with great Care, Respect and lots of Love, so that the frog will give this sacred medicine to help us with our path to spiritual growth and healing.

The kambo process works on a mental, emotional, physical and deep spiritual level.

Please visit our Detox by Nature website: Detoxbynature.com for more info.

Most populair Rapéh

Tsunami bowl

Tsnunami – Minthful rapéh

This minthful rapéh is a beautifull mix from two of our strongest rapéhs.

Tsunami brings you into a calm state of mind and a relaxing body as well.
Not for beginners! (Very strong)

Katukina Baxawa KL

Baxawá – Katukina

This is a beautiful mild Rapéh from the Katukina tribe.
The Katukina tribe is famous for their wonderful medicines.

A nice Rapéh for our female Rapéh users.

HuniKuin Tsunu KL 400px 1


Our new Tsunu Rapéh is an Extreme strong blend made with special prayers by the Huni Kuin tribe. Very popular by our customers.

A real Warrior Rapéh.


HuniKuin Pitakaya KL 400px 1


We are very thankful that our most popular Rapéh is back.

This medicine directly connects you with your own inner energy and grounds you at the same time.

A powerfull and strong Rapéh from the Huni Kuin tribe! 


NK Tradicional schaal

Tradicional NUKINI

We are very thankfull for this unique Tradicional Nukini Rapéh.
With this super strong Rapéh you are immediately out of your head and get smoothley in a wonderful Rapéh vibe.

Perfect to relax, after your day in this mad jungle we live in.
Strong Rapéh.

NK LorinhOeCavinho schaal


This is a very refreshing and enlightening Rapéh.

We realy Love this special Rapéh blend.


You must be 18 years of age or older to place an order. We assume each completed order to be in compliance with this term.

Criollo small

Theobroma Criollo Cacao Powder

Our magical ceremonial Cacao powder from the jungle of Peru.

Cacao 1

Theobroma Criollo Cacao Bar

1 kg pure and sacred cacao bar

from the Criollo community of Brazil.

Starterkit 1 Rape 1


Create your own Starterkit, choose your own Rapéh and receive a handmade traditional Kuripé.

Starterkit 2 Rape 1


Create your own Starterkit, choose your own 2 Rapéh’s and receive a handmade traditional Kuripé.

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