We are here to support you on your path of spiritual growth and personal development. Let’s embrace life and dive deeply into the journey of existence through our ceremonies and sacred products, which help you connect with the wisdom of ancient traditions.

Let’s thank our dear friends who make the purest products for us deep in the heart of the Amazon. Together with the Cacique (chief) of the Huni Kuin tribe, we have created our own high-quality Rapé. This is truly exceptional, with a unique and distinctive formula that we have created. Experience the difference and connect deeply with age-old wisdom.

Discover our magical Criollo cacao, made by our skilled artisans and guardians of Peru’s ancient cacao traditions. Their cocoa embodies a legacy of taste and well-being. This is the energy you want for your Sacred Cacao.

There is so much more then selling our beautiful products.
Our mission is to bring modern culture and ancient traditions from Indigenous tribes around the globe together, to transcend into light and love.
By learning from each other, we ensure that the wisdom of these cultures not get lost.

Together with our indigenous family, we Я so grateful that you have come our way and are supporting our mission !

Let’s enjoy this human experience around the altar of life.

So Alegria, Haux!


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Latest Products


Tsunami Rapé

Tsnunami Rapéh

Tsnunami is a beautiful mix of two of our strongest Rapé. The first one contains Menta Piperita and the second Rapé we add is our famous Tsunu Rapé from the Huni Kuin. Our Tsunu is much stronger and different then regular Tsunu.  Due to the strong impact you will be immediately out of your head.  Tsnunami can bring you in a deep process.

Get calm and relaxed, mentally and physically.

Not for beginners!


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3 Pack Rapé

Centerimage huni kuin blue Rapé bottles

Immerse yourself in the ancient traditions of the Huni Kuin tribe with our authentic 3 pack Rapé. These powerful plant spirits, like , Tsunami, Cumura and 7 Herbs will uplift and connect you with the astral realm while grounding your energy at the same time.


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Cacao Powder

Indigenous cacao

Welcome to the heart of ceremonial cacao.

In partnership with our skilled artisans and guardians ancient cacao traditions from Peru, we bring you Criollo cacao powder. Their beans embody a legacy of flavor and wellness. This is the energy you want for your Sacred cacao ceremonies.

The process is steeped in tradition, devoid of any mechanical interference.

Embrace the essence of life, with every sip of our cacao.


Condor kuripe stone

Kuripe Marble

The Condor kuripe are made of Serpentine stone. Serpentine stone is said to aid in Kundalinin flow awakening and the third eye activity. The magical dark green Serpentine stone gives you a sense of deep wisdom and healing.

The blowing power of this healing tool is amazing with your favorite Rapé.

Click here how to use our Rapé.


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