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Our mission is to bring our modern culture and ancient traditions from Indigenous tribes around the globe together. So that we can learn from each other and their culture not get lost. We’re not just an online store, our purpose extends far beyond selling our own sacred Rapé and the purest magical Criollo cacao that we bring from the Heart of the Amazon.

Let’s celebrate life, live in abundance and at the same time go deep in to the process on a humble way with our ceremonies and sacred products, which will help you with your path to spiritual growth and personal development. 

We Я a platform for cultural exchange, ceremonies and a deeper connection with nature, ourselves and everything there is.

Thanks for helping us with our mission, our Indigenous family and off course Yourself!


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Immerse yourself in the ancient traditions of the Huni Kuin tribe with our authentic and sacred new Rapé blends. These powerful plant spirits, like Samauma, Tsunami, Cumura and Menta Rapé, will uplift and connect you to the astral realm while grounding your energy at the same time.

We have chosen to process much less tobacco in our Rapé and to add more medicinal powerful plants.

Check here how to use our Rapé.


Tsnunami Rapéh

Samauma – Rapé

Samauma – Especial Rapé
She is the queen in the world of plant spirits, the tree of Life, Light and Love. In the Huni kuin tradition, this is the pinnacle of the forest and the plant spirit is second only to God.

Note that this is a Rapé that can work for our connection to the astral.

She is helping humanity transcend with her light and love.



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FP HK Menta 400

Menta Rapé

This powerful Rapé blend, crafted by the Huni Kuin tribe is our Menta Rapé. Infused with a lot of Menthol (mint) to refresh the respiratory system open the channels and eventually make it easier to breath. Many native tribes use mint to relieve stress and mental tension. Mint can help with coughing and eliminates cold and flu symptoms.

It’s a strong mintblowing Rapé to help you to freshen up!



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Indigenous cacao

Criollo Cacao Powder

Welcome to the heart of ceremonial cacao.

With pure love and dedication, we bring you the best and finest Criollo cacao powder and bars. Nurtured by Amazonian farmers with so much dedication. Explorer our cacao in your sacred cacao ceremonies. Together, let us embark on a mission that supports the planet, celebrates its abundance.

It’s time to respark the magic of our Criollo cacao and embrace the joy of life!


Kuripe stone Eagle

Condor kuripe stone

This Condor kuripe are made of Serpentine stone. The magical dark green Serpentine stone gives you a sense of deep wisdom and healing. Serpentine stone is said to aid in Kundalinin flow awakening and the third eye activity.

These kuripes have a tremendous blowing power with your favorite Rapé.


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